Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Around the house

I went to Hobby Lobby with a gift card that I received for Christmas. I found some new things for around the house:
2 plate racks for the kitchen (I put 5x7 framed pictures of the kids in them for Christmas)
I also found these prints on burlap for the kitchen at Hob Lob.
See the "sugar tongs" above (top utensil in the bottom print)? Our boy calls those the "evil claws."
See below how they're on that stuff!
Here's how it all looks by the window in the breakfast area of the kitchen (kinda dark, but you get the idea):
On another note, I've said before...since I'm a Kindergarten teacher...I want a portrait of each of our children in Kindergarten. We had a 20x24 print done on canvas. We got it framed and hung. When I bought the frame, I went ahead and bought two frames-one for each of our children. Well...I wanted the frames to "wear" the I wanted to hang them both at the same time. you can see...I had a 20x24 poster print made of our girl (that explains the difference in appearance below). Hubby and I attached the poster to foam board to put in the frame. Now....when she gets in Kindergarten, we'll just take the poster out--and put the canvas portrait in it's place!
Oh...and look at the CUTE frame that my sister gave me for Christmas-love it!
My sister said..."This was the quickest photo I could put my hands on for the frame. I wanted one of just the kids, but I guess you and (Hubby) can be gifts too!" Oh me!

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