Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Official

It's official...our girl is now a Pre-K graduate!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Proud Mama and Daddy of 1st Grader

It's hard to believe that it's the last week of school! Our son's first grade teacher asked us to write a letter to our child telling him how proud we are of him, listing things he can do now that he couldn't do at the beginning of the year, and showering him with love. So...here it is...a letter (in the form of a poem) to our boy:

It seems like yesterday that you started First Grade. We’ve watched you grow in many different ways.

You’ve learned math facts to 20 and passed many AR tests too.
Although you’ve grown taller, you still wear the same size shoe.

Your art skills are creative; your computer skills excel.
We are so proud of you! You’ve done so well!

We love to hear you play the piano; we love to hear you read.
You’re our wonderful son; the Lord has blessed us indeed!

We love you very much!
Mama and Daddy

August 2009-First Day of School

May 2009-Field Day

He won't get to read this letter until Thursday. You're getting a sneak peek! Shhhhh!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding Dresses

This week our daughter asked me where you buy a wedding dress. I was telling her that there are shops that just sell wedding dresses with racks and racks of them. Then I said..."You might want to wear Mommy's wedding dress one day." She responded saying, "No, yours has sleeves on it. I want one without sleeves." So...I guess that explains why in all of her drawings of herself she has this heart-shaped neckline. Hmmmm....isn't 5 a little early to start planning your wedding?
Well...I do love all the details in her drawings! Look at the earrings, the shoes, the fingernails, the heart designs on her dress, the eyelashes...I think it's just perfect!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Math Facts Cookie Party

Our son's first grade class had a cookie party. Each student earned a topping on his/her cookie based on memorizing each math fact family with sums to 20.

Here's how our boy's cookie started:

Here's how it looked at the end of the party:

He didn't eat it, but he sure enjoyed making it! Great job, son, on mastering all of your math facts!

Graduation 2010

This year our baby girl will graduate from Pre-K. Here's a preview of her in her cap and gown with some friends.

This year is also the first year that I participated in a high school graduation as a faculty member. Here's a pic of me with my K team.
Good times!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Our daughter's Pre-K class had a Mother's Day Tea last week. Here we are with the fancy hat that our girl decorated for me:

She made me this flowerpot too:

Look at my portrait she made me. It looks just like me!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch with Nana at California Dreaming! Our girl made corsages for both of her grandmothers and me. Our girl said that Nana gets a yellow flower because "she always wears red or yellow". Guess what? She had on red today!

I got a pink corsage of course...pink is my favorite!

Dodo got a blue corsage because she "always wears blue."

Here's a pic of the kids with GG-my dad's mother:

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

busy again

This weekend has been packed full!

It started on Friday with a field trip for my Kindergarten class to the zoo. Check out this baby Golden Lion Tamarin on it's Daddy's back.
This is the mama. It was the first day ever that she had been outside. She came from another zoo that kept her indoors.
We also saw the new parakeet exhibit. We learned that the green birds with the yellow faces are the only parakeets found in the wild in Australia. The other colored birds were breed to be those colors.

Then Friday night...we had Relay for Life in our community. We kept the kids out until 10:00pm. They both slept until after 10 on Saturday morning...which is highly unusual around here! Here they are riding on the wagon to our "camp site":
On Saturday, we had two parties. The first party was at 1:00 for one of our daughter's classmates at a jumpy place. The second party was on end-of-the-year grade level party for our son. It started at 4pm and we stayed until 7pm. The kids had a great time because it was at a farm with a huge playground and strawberry fields. In fact, our daughter's class went on a field trip to this same farm two weeks ago. She loved it both times!

Our girl wanted to pick strawberries:
Our boy wanted to stay on the cool playground:

Today was a full day at church, and now the kids are at a driving range. Let's hope they make it home without a fit from exhaustion!