Sunday, May 2, 2010

busy again

This weekend has been packed full!

It started on Friday with a field trip for my Kindergarten class to the zoo. Check out this baby Golden Lion Tamarin on it's Daddy's back.
This is the mama. It was the first day ever that she had been outside. She came from another zoo that kept her indoors.
We also saw the new parakeet exhibit. We learned that the green birds with the yellow faces are the only parakeets found in the wild in Australia. The other colored birds were breed to be those colors.

Then Friday night...we had Relay for Life in our community. We kept the kids out until 10:00pm. They both slept until after 10 on Saturday morning...which is highly unusual around here! Here they are riding on the wagon to our "camp site":
On Saturday, we had two parties. The first party was at 1:00 for one of our daughter's classmates at a jumpy place. The second party was on end-of-the-year grade level party for our son. It started at 4pm and we stayed until 7pm. The kids had a great time because it was at a farm with a huge playground and strawberry fields. In fact, our daughter's class went on a field trip to this same farm two weeks ago. She loved it both times!

Our girl wanted to pick strawberries:
Our boy wanted to stay on the cool playground:

Today was a full day at church, and now the kids are at a driving range. Let's hope they make it home without a fit from exhaustion!

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