Sunday, November 29, 2009

Start 'Em Early

This weekend we were hanging the wreaths on the front of our house. We decided that it would look nice to mow the lawn to clean it up. Look who decided to help:

Nothing wrong with starting 'em early, right?

I gave our girl a job too...cutting some flowers to put inside the house.

June's job was the same as usual..."wiener ball!"

Our boy lined up all these toys for a photo:

Then our girl helped her brother clean them up:
What a great day!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We spent Thanksgiving with Nana and Papa. Here are some pics of our visit:
The kids admiring the animals next to a playground near Nana and Papa's

Boy cousins
Girl cousins

All the grandchildren
Our family
Hubby's sister with kids
Hubby's brother and family
Nana and Papa with the grandchildren
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today the preacher preached on worry, and about how worry never does any good. Here are some events that happened this weekend with worry in our family:

1. Hubby hit a deer on Friday morning. He called home about 5:50am...I wasn't really comprehending what he was saying at that time! It was pitch black outside, he was driving on a main road (b/c he doesn't like to travel back roads b/c he might hit a deer), and he didn't see the buck until he was right up on it. Thankfully...he wasn't hurt, and to tell you the truth...we really haven't worried too much about the wrecked car in our driveway. We'll worry about that on Monday.

2. On another note...our son went to his first home UGA football game this weekend. They did a tribute to Uga on the big screen complete with sad music and photo images. Uga's death worried our son so much...that he cried on his Daddy and was depressed for the remainder of the game. The 7:45pm kick off probably had something to do with his disposition!

3. lunch today, Hubby said..."Our girl's not worried about pizza" (because she was eating a pretzel for an appetizer before our pizza came to the table). Our girl responded saying, "Daddy, I worry about pizza every day!" She is her father's daughter! He could eat pizza fact, in college...he did eat pizza everyday...and still does some now!

Did you worry about something this weekend? Did it do you any good?

N...I...C....E (or not)

I'm always talking about how our 5 year old girl is saying things that are unbelievable. Well...this weekend was no different. Here are a few things that she said that I can remember (keep in mind that she's still on medication):
1. (I wore a different lip color than usual one day) Our girl says..." look like a witch." Nice!!!!
2. My sister watched the kids for Hubby and me one night so we could go to a church retreat. Our girl told her aunt that 'nobody liked her' (after she had just bought a new doll for our girl)....Nice!!!
3. She told Hubby and me tonight that she would "make a mess of the whole house if nobody came to play with her." Nice!!!
Maybe we should have started earlier with the singing of..."He knows if you've been bad or you better be good for goodness sake."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Pilgrim Boy

Today was our boy's Thanksgiving feast at school. I think he's a handsome Pilgrim boy...if I do say so myself!

Check out his tee pee:

It's a sugar cone with frosting and such. He had a great time making it, but could have cared less about actually eating it!
Here's his speaking part below from their "Pilgrim play." He is speaking about some of the food choices on the voyage over on the Mayflower:

Happy early Thanksgiving to you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mood Altering

I have been home with our sick girl for the past 2 days. She has had fever, ear infection, cough, congestion...but the scariest part is her shortness of breath. So...needless to say...she is on lots of medicines. One of the medicines is a liquid steroid to open her airways. I don't know if your children have been on this stuff...but let me just is definitely mood altering!! Last night our girl announced "We haven't done our chores." So she wants to start cleaning the bathroom counter (with rubber gloves and Clorox wipes) and the bathroom mirrors (with Windex while standing on the counter). So...I got to thinking...Maybe I should start taking her same medicine to see what I could get done around here!?!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Dawgs!

It's Friday what should we do? Well...this Friday the answer to Athens for the Dawgs' opening basketball game. For the first game, they had a ticket special for $5/ticket with free t-shirts for the fans! Who doesn't love a free tee?
These two loved a free tee! Daddy and his girl...

The band was playing the "4th quarter song" from football games here. All the fans had up their 4 fingers...and that's how you know UGA is a football school...not a basketball school.

How about the blue Powerade mustache? Nice, right? Check out the empty seats too...that's another way you can tell UGA is a football school...there aren't too may empty seats at an opening football game!

Here's a video of part of the half time show--fun!

Being up past 11pm on a Friday night, makes a family ready for bed early on a Saturday night! Good night!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!!

I LOVE Halloween! Don't you?

Here's how we rolled this year--our boy wanted to be Pluto for Halloween. Well...Mama didn't get to sewing soon he settled for his Darth costume from last year. We do like to recycle in our family! Our girl...well-she started the day in a Dorothy wig and a Cinderella dress. We were calling her "Dorothy-ella," and I think it hurt her moved on to "Jasmine" (aka I Dream of Jeannie costume I bought last year for about $6). She added her own crown and a jacket because it was damp for our trick-or-treating adventures. What do you think?

Here's a picture of our girl in her Cinderella costume earlier (she'd already taken off her Dorothy wig):

OK--get prepared for a good laugh:
I laugh so hard every time I look at this pic! Hubby wanted to be hippies for Halloween. So we found these wigs, and started building our costumes from there. I decided that I would stop by the 'ol Salvation Army to see how they could help us with our costumes. Well...did I hit the jack-pot??? I found two suits (just like mine above) still in the package for $1.99 each. I'm not even kidding! $1.99!!!! So...I bought them both and headed home with my excitement!
Here's another pic of Hippie Mama with the kids (minus the wig) right before heading out to trick-or-treat.

Hope you had a fun-filled Halloween!