Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Dawgs!

It's Friday what should we do? Well...this Friday the answer to Athens for the Dawgs' opening basketball game. For the first game, they had a ticket special for $5/ticket with free t-shirts for the fans! Who doesn't love a free tee?
These two loved a free tee! Daddy and his girl...

The band was playing the "4th quarter song" from football games here. All the fans had up their 4 fingers...and that's how you know UGA is a football school...not a basketball school.

How about the blue Powerade mustache? Nice, right? Check out the empty seats too...that's another way you can tell UGA is a football school...there aren't too may empty seats at an opening football game!

Here's a video of part of the half time show--fun!

Being up past 11pm on a Friday night, makes a family ready for bed early on a Saturday night! Good night!