Sunday, November 22, 2009

N...I...C....E (or not)

I'm always talking about how our 5 year old girl is saying things that are unbelievable. Well...this weekend was no different. Here are a few things that she said that I can remember (keep in mind that she's still on medication):
1. (I wore a different lip color than usual one day) Our girl says..." look like a witch." Nice!!!!
2. My sister watched the kids for Hubby and me one night so we could go to a church retreat. Our girl told her aunt that 'nobody liked her' (after she had just bought a new doll for our girl)....Nice!!!
3. She told Hubby and me tonight that she would "make a mess of the whole house if nobody came to play with her." Nice!!!
Maybe we should have started earlier with the singing of..."He knows if you've been bad or you better be good for goodness sake."

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