Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!!

I LOVE Halloween! Don't you?

Here's how we rolled this year--our boy wanted to be Pluto for Halloween. Well...Mama didn't get to sewing soon enough...so he settled for his Darth costume from last year. We do like to recycle in our family! Our girl...well-she started the day in a Dorothy wig and a Cinderella dress. We were calling her "Dorothy-ella," and I think it hurt her feelings...so...she moved on to "Jasmine" (aka I Dream of Jeannie costume I bought last year for about $6). She added her own crown and a jacket because it was damp for our trick-or-treating adventures. What do you think?

Here's a picture of our girl in her Cinderella costume earlier (she'd already taken off her Dorothy wig):

OK--get prepared for a good laugh:
I laugh so hard every time I look at this pic! Hubby wanted to be hippies for Halloween. So we found these wigs, and started building our costumes from there. I decided that I would stop by the 'ol Salvation Army to see how they could help us with our costumes. Well...did I hit the jack-pot??? I found two suits (just like mine above) still in the package for $1.99 each. I'm not even kidding! $1.99!!!! So...I bought them both and headed home with my excitement!
Here's another pic of Hippie Mama with the kids (minus the wig) right before heading out to trick-or-treat.

Hope you had a fun-filled Halloween!


Mom of One for Now said...

GREAT COSTUME hippie Mamma! Christmas swap coming up with Clemson Girl. Did you see? Have a great weekend!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Thanks! Yes...I did see the swap on CG. Did you sign up?