Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today the preacher preached on worry, and about how worry never does any good. Here are some events that happened this weekend with worry in our family:

1. Hubby hit a deer on Friday morning. He called home about 5:50am...I wasn't really comprehending what he was saying at that time! It was pitch black outside, he was driving on a main road (b/c he doesn't like to travel back roads b/c he might hit a deer), and he didn't see the buck until he was right up on it. Thankfully...he wasn't hurt, and to tell you the truth...we really haven't worried too much about the wrecked car in our driveway. We'll worry about that on Monday.

2. On another note...our son went to his first home UGA football game this weekend. They did a tribute to Uga on the big screen complete with sad music and photo images. Uga's death worried our son so much...that he cried on his Daddy and was depressed for the remainder of the game. The 7:45pm kick off probably had something to do with his disposition!

3. lunch today, Hubby said..."Our girl's not worried about pizza" (because she was eating a pretzel for an appetizer before our pizza came to the table). Our girl responded saying, "Daddy, I worry about pizza every day!" She is her father's daughter! He could eat pizza fact, in college...he did eat pizza everyday...and still does some now!

Did you worry about something this weekend? Did it do you any good?

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