Saturday, March 10, 2012

1st Fishing Trip

Today the kids went on their 1st fishing trip with Hubby. Look who caught a fish:
Wow! I've only caught 1 fish in my whole life, and it was much smaller than Our Girl's fish.

 Thanks to our friends for the invitation to go fishing! Our Boy and his friend built a bridge of rocks across the water. See Our Girl in the background? Well, she fell off the bridge into the water!
 Our Girl had to switch into Hubby's sweatshirt after taking a dive:
What a fun, new experience!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"One Said Day" and a Fish by a 1st Grader

This story was inspired by Our Girl's daily phonics lesson. The students must write a story using the provided illustration and words.

One Said Day!
by: Our Girl
"Hi my name is dillin. One day I was reading by a tree. I was so sleepy I fainted. the cat licked me I did not wake up The cow drooled on me I did not wak up. Then my mom came out to say I was out for 1 hour. She saw me fast asleep under the tree she took me inside and put me in bed. The next day I found out I was sick I had a fever I had some juie and I was felling better The End!"

Here's Our Girl's tropical fish that she made in her after-school art class:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Writings by Our 1st Grade Girl

Red Carpet by Our Girl:
"I have the best dream. my dream is the popeotse (paparazzi) to follow me every place I go. when you are a souperstar you live in a big house called a manchen (mansion). I will have a lot of friends and fans. I will go shopping with a lot of them. we buy high-heels and fancy dresses. I hope my dream comes true. If not I will be ok with it. I feel great abot my dream."

Prom love!! by Our Girl:
"Hi my name is Justin. I have a sweethert. Her nickname is "Sweet Thing." I am "Head/Heels" about her." One day there was a Dance and I asked her out she said "Yes"! Now I have one problem I have no gel, tux or tie. "I was just thinking" she said "in her soft voice."I need your phonce number." I said, "Here it is 770-269-554." Prom is Tomorrow at 5:00 till 12:30. I picked her up for prom. I said, " I think you are "Good 4 me." She yelled out "Party Time!" We got there all most on time. Somebody bumped us into each other. We kissed on the lips! The End!"