Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Writings by Our 1st Grade Girl

Red Carpet by Our Girl:
"I have the best dream. my dream is the popeotse (paparazzi) to follow me every place I go. when you are a souperstar you live in a big house called a manchen (mansion). I will have a lot of friends and fans. I will go shopping with a lot of them. we buy high-heels and fancy dresses. I hope my dream comes true. If not I will be ok with it. I feel great abot my dream."

Prom love!! by Our Girl:
"Hi my name is Justin. I have a sweethert. Her nickname is "Sweet Thing." I am "Head/Heels" about her." One day there was a Dance and I asked her out she said "Yes"! Now I have one problem I have no gel, tux or tie. "I was just thinking" she said "in her soft voice."I need your phonce number." I said, "Here it is 770-269-554." Prom is Tomorrow at 5:00 till 12:30. I picked her up for prom. I said, " I think you are "Good 4 me." She yelled out "Party Time!" We got there all most on time. Somebody bumped us into each other. We kissed on the lips! The End!"

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