Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The highs and lows

Well...I'm not talking about being a wife, mom, or Kindergarten teacher here...all the reasons I started blogging. Instead...I'm talking about my blood sugar levels lately (the highs and lows). I've been a Type 1 diabetic since I was in the 3rd grade...let's see...that's about 27 years now. It's just part of my life...not bad...not good...just part of my life. I've always had good control, and I have a GREAT endocrinologist. But here lately, I've been having the hardest time with my blood sugar levels at bedtime and throughout the night. It's been 300s high. It makes me feel bad. It makes my organs ache (really like in my abdomen area). It makes my head hurt. It makes me tired (which works out at bedtime actually). It makes me grumpy. I've got to get a handle on it, and get back to "normal." Here's where I think I'm getting off course: 1. I'm busy--like full-time working-wife-mother of two-active in church kind of busy. 2. Technology--you'd think that a blood glucose machine that keeps up with all your tests electronically would be a good thing. But, when it's all "in there" in your don't write everything down on monitoring sheets like in the old days. Therefore, you don't really "see" what's going on like when you recorded it on paper.'s the plan...1. Start recording everything when I was pregnant. I wrote down every blood test, every Carb I ate, every exercise I did (wait...who's been exercising lately??), etc. while I was pregnant. 2. Also, my doctor said to do an evening fasting where you don't eat anything after lunch and then test your blood sugar every hour until bedtime. Then we'll find out if my pump basals are off or if my Carb ratio formula for covering food I eat is wrong. 3. Lastly, I'll try to remember that I need my health so I need to make time to be healthy.

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