Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kite Home Project

Tonight our girl had a "Home Project" homework assignment for her Pre-K class. Here are the instructions:

The Tail of a Kite

Animals have tails. Shirts have tails. People can even wear ponytails. But, do kites have tails? Of course! Your child is bringing home a shape of a typical kite. Please have him/her carefully cut the kite. Then, as a family, work to turn this dull white kite into...

a beautiful kite with a design of their choice and a long patterned tail. Sample ideas:

-paint it
-fill it in with torn construction paper
-make a design or picture with tissue paper
-create a collage
-decorate it like an animal that has a tail
-or your own idea

This project is right up our girl's ally...she LOVES creating! she went to get her paints, and here's how it turned out:

After she was finished painting, she went to her room to play. I checked on her asking, "What about the kite's tail?"
She responded saying, "It's a family project. You do it. Show it to me when it's done."

Needless to did not go down like that!

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