Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Original

Today we had lunch at the original Dwarf House. The kids had the best time because they were totally spoiled by the wait staff! They loved sitting at the counter to "see all the action."
They also love the door at the Dwarf House!

After lunch, I wanted to go see if Chapman's Pharmacy and Soda Fountain was still open. And guess what??? It sure was still open!!! We all went in to check it out. I ordered a limeade-sooooooooooooo yummy! Our girl got a cookies-and-cream shake. The boys didn't order anything, but they found this "character reading scale" that only cost a penny. So...you guessed it...we all checked out our character (and I tried to forget about the weight part).
Here are our character readings; you be the judge:

Our boy: "You get by because you can talk people into anything." (I'll go along with that! He is his father's son!)

Our girl: "Avoid strong drink as you can't handle it." (Hmmmm...I will remind her of this statement as she goes to college.)

Hubby: "You love the best but can't always afford it." (funny and true)
Mine: "Your kind love your family but cool to others." (the wording of mine seemed weird to me, and I think I'm nice to family and friends)

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