Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today was game 7 out of 7 for flag football and cheering for our kids. It was the last game, and our boy made his 1st touchdown of the season! After he scored, he ran to his dad on the field and gave him a big hug! :) I missed getting a pic of the touchdown, but here's our boy getting a flag (kinda hard to see on this small pic)!

Here's another good action shot:

We played at the big stadium today. Here are the girls after their "stunt" for half-time:
We had our end-of-season party after the game. Krispy Kreme football-shaped doughnuts=yum!

The kids were so excited about their trophies too. Thanks Aunt T for your talent with the boys' trophies! They turned out great!
It was a great day for football!

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