Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vertebrate v. Invertebrate

Our boy has been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates in his 2nd grade class. He was assigned a class project for each. For the vertebrate project, the kids were asked to create a model of a vertebrate. So what did Our Boy create? It's a dog of course! It's a dog that ended up costing us about $25 of supplies from Michael's.

For the invertebrate project, the students were asked to make a six-sided box report project. Each side of the box had an assigned part of the report. Our Boy selected shrimp for his invertebrate project. Here's the side about predators. Like how he wanted to add a pic of himself eating shrimp? We tried to be more thrifty with this project. It cost us about $4.00 for the blue paper.

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