Friday, July 15, 2011

I LOVE Back to School Shopping

This week we were in Target, and I was immediately drawn to the dollar section with cool stuff for my Kindergarten classroom. Here are my finds:

This wire basket was $2.50. They had them in several colors. Then I got 4 sets of plastic cups. Each set had 4 cups/$1. I got the idea at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. The kids take a cup and fill it up with items they need for Writer's Workshop, and then they take it wherever they need to write.

$1 Super Star of the Week Items: awards and bookmarks

$1 Items for Birthdays: awards and stickers

$1 fun stickers and Congratulations awards

$1 Stars that I'm using for my students "Center Pictures." The kids move their Center Picture to mark what center they are working in. I will glue a photograph of each student inside the stars.

$1 Wipe Clean boards that I'll use for handwriting practice. These will be great for name writing practice. Each set has 4 boards.

I will use the $1 star name tags to label the kids' cubbies.

And who can resist a Cat in the Hat notepad for $1?

Hubby couldn't get out of the Target dollar section fast enough, but I could have stayed there at least another hour or 2 or 3... :)

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