Sunday, January 6, 2013

Front Porch Update November 2012

We have been saying for years that we wanted to update our front porch, but in November 2012, we finally did it. I'm posting before and after pics of the project that Hubby completed.

Before: There were railings. There were 2 full posts in the middle, and there were 2 half posts on each side.
 Before: railings
In Progress: Here's Hubby with his helpers when they removed the railings.
In Progress: Hubby used unfinished 1x6 pine boards to wrap the existing posts. 
 In Progress: Here you can see the half post on the side and the middle post.

 After: Ta-Da!!!! Doesn't it look soooooooooooooo much better!! We love it! Completed posts & no railings
 After: You can see how Hubby trimmed out the columns at the bottom and top to finish them.
 After: Here's a shot of the half post and full post completed.
 After: Don't you always ask yourself after a project is finished...what took us so long?!?!

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