Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Schedule with Kids Day 1

On Monday of this week, it was our first full day home for summer break. And... that... is... when... I decided around noontime that I needed lesson plans and a schedule for my own two children this summer.

So where do you turn when you need some ideas? One word...Pinterest!

I pinned some summer schedules that other moms posted. Like this one from www.thrivinghomeblog.com:

Then I made a list of ideas to put on the schedule. Our Girl was THRILLED with the idea, and she started helping with the plan. However, Our Boy was NOT SO THRILLED with a summer schedule.

Hmmm...so I made a new plan. I created two lists: "Have To" and "Choice." The kids have to do the things listed on the "Have To" list. Then they can choose what they want to do from the "Choice" list.

Here's our "Have To" list:
-practice piano
-brain activities (EX: math games & xtramath.org)
-clean (today was dusting)
-exercise/outside time
-swim lessons

Here's our "Choice" list:
-free time
-Lego challenge
Our Boy's Lego Vessel Flying Ship:

Our Girl's Lego vessel: a bowl that holds trophies
Our Girl's Play dough "steaks"

The kids did like having a plan, and they did like choosing when they did each activity. They did not complain about any of the "Have To"s because well...it was on the list.

Tomorrow I will add *time alone and *make your bed to the "Have To" list.

June wasn't so sure about this new plan because all that planning led to a bath for her!

Look what we found outside today...the kids said it was a Smurf House:

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