Saturday, October 3, 2009

"All Skate, All Skate"

Growing up, my sister and I always went to our elementary school skating parties with our dad. I remember the local skating rink had a light up board that would designate who could skate after they announced it on the intercom: ladies only, all skate, etc. They also had a light up dance floor there that we thought was really cool! Hubby said that he and his sister used to "tear up" the skating rink every Friday night when he was young too!

This morning our kids were invited to a birthday party at a skating rink. Let's just say that 4 and 6 might be a little early age for "All Skate." They really did pretty well, and I think if they had a couple more times on skates they'd be pros! They had a great time! party down, and one party to go...they have another BD party late this afternoon. Hubby is looking forward to it because they're having catering by The Varsity. Hopefully, we'll all have enough energy left to carry us through!

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