Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Dawgs Allowed

Let me start by saying that Hubby and I are both graduates of UGA. In fact, we met on campus there 17 years ago this fall.

Well...having said that...we had "college day" at school during our Homecoming Week festivities. Look at our girl and boy...what???? Are there no Dawgs allowed in this house??? They're supporting their aunt's and uncle's schools instead. Maybe it had something to do with the loss to LSU.

Well...let's give them 1/2 credit. Our girl doesn't currently have any Georgia swag...I know...what kind of fan am I? Our son...however...has UGA jerseys in several sizes.

So...last night and this morning...I tried and tried to get him to wear his nice jersey for college day...he wouldn't have it! When we got to school, his "girl friend" from last year had on her UGA jersey. I told her that I tried to get our boy to wear his too this morning. Then she passed him in the hall "looking at him."

**Ok...rewind in time here---last week our 1st grade son told us that he "switched girls." He no longer likes his "girl friend" from Kindergarten last year, but now likes a girl that smiles at him and says hi at lunch (she also goes to our church....and she also happens to be in 5th grade!!...she is a pretty girl BTW).

Now back to this morning...after our son passed his "girl friend" from Kindergarten in the hall before school started...he came into my classroom saying, "Mom...did you tell her that I switched girls? She was looking at me!" To which I replied..."No son, I just told her you wouldn't wear your jersey." Sheesh!!!

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Erica said...

Ok now, you're failing as a mom! Get those babies some red and black! Maybe that's why we're doing so bad this year?!?