Sunday, February 28, 2010

Conversations with Our Girl

As you may remember, our girl is 5 years old. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: You NEVER know what she will say. Here are some of her conversations that I have to record so that I can always remember:
1. I asked our girl to clean her room because we had a guest coming from out-of-town (Mrs. Lisa). So...she went in her room for a short time, and then emerged into the family room. Here's our conversation:
Me: "Is your room clean?"
Our Girl: "There's some stuff under the table, but no body's going to step on that stuff."
Me: "Let's go check it out." I saw stuff under the table, and I saw Barbie arms and legs peeking out from under her curtains. I lifted up the curtains, and I saw lots of Barbies and two pairs of shoes.
Me: "Did you put this stuff under here?"
Our Girl: "I didn't think you'd see that."
Me: "If you keep your house like this when you're grown, nobody will come to visit you if you live in a junk hole."
Our Girl: "I'm not going to live in a junk hole. My husband and my baby are going to help me clean my house."
Me: "My baby doesn't help me clean my house."
Our Girl: "Well, I'm going to train mine!"
2. One day last week I wore a pink sweater with a black tank under it. I wore khaki slacks and black boots. On the way out the door for school, our girl asked me..."Don't you want to go put on some black pants?" When I asked why, she responded saying, "Well, you have on that black shirt and boots, and those pants don't match." Sigh-"Get in the car."
3. Our girl likes to "wrestle" with her daddy. This weekend they were "wrestling" and she told him..."Daddy, Now it's time for my evil tricks."
I'm telling just NEVER know!!

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