Sunday, January 9, 2011

Biggest Loser 2011

It's time for our annual Biggest Loser competition at school. I paid my $5 to join and weighed in on Friday. We weigh every Friday. If you gain, you pay $2. If you don't gain, you pay nothing.

Here's what's going on around home to help with my weight-loss plan:

1. Our family got a Wii for Christmas. We bought a Wii Fit with some Christmas money. Hubby and I tried it out today. And let me just say....I did not like the look of my Mii!!

2. Our family also got some new hand weights at the beginning of this month. Our girl wanted some 2 lb. weights. I bought our boy some 3 lb. weights. I got myself some new 5 lb. weights. Hubby has some 40 lb. weights, and he borrowed my 7 lb. weights too. I'll just tell you...the money spent on weights for the kids probably could have saved based on their workouts (or lack of workouts). But, we are having some good family time together during our "exercise time." :)

3. I also have been using my "Abs of Steel" with Tamilee VHS circa 1991. No...I'm not kidding!

I'll be posting on my weekly weigh-ins.

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