Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here's what anticipation looks like--fair style (see photo below)!
This year was the 3rd year that our kids have been to the fair. Last year, Hubby missed it for some reason. So...needless to say...he was in for a rude financial awakening for this year's trip to the fair. My parents have been with us for each of our annual trips. This year my dad and I were thinking of merchandise to sell that says..."I got scammed at the fair." He decided on buttons and I decided to sell t-shirts. Check out theses photos/prices for examples:

Tickets to get in for 4 adults (kids were free): $16
2 armbands to ride unlimited rides: $40
2 games of "Go Fish" winning 2 'small' prizes: $4

2 corndogs, 4 drinks, and 1 order of fries: ~$16
tickets for DoDo to one ride: $4
This photo is a good representation of our kids at the fair--our girl excited and ready-to-go and our boy cautious and biting his nails!
This photo was taken before the ride...our boy was not loving it by the end of the ride saying it was making his head hurt! Now son...you know why your mom and dad wouldn't ride it!
Look on kids faces at the fair once a year: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess we'll just look forward to getting scammed again next year!

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