Thursday, September 4, 2008

Break a Mama's heart

One way to break a Mama's heart is to find out that your daughter was one of the few in dance class without her tap and ballet shoes! She had to dance in her sock feet while the other girls danced around in their fun, new shoes. That's what happened on Wednesday of this week--a sock-footed dancer from our family. So...where do you think we were tonight--buying tap and ballet shoes of course (and a pink, satin dance bag too)! That's what heart-broken Mama's do--they throw in a pink, satin dance bag to make things all better!

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Jason and Elizabeth Davis said...

Okay...where did you find your cute background? and I need to you to help me come up with a cute name...we obviously have already "welcomed William"...Jason started this one when I was pregnant and I didn't know! Any ideas...i've enjoyed reading your posts tonight! :-)