Saturday, August 30, 2008

Childhood: The Simple Pleasures

Today the kids and I went to "Ms. Christy's" house for a visit. It was the first time the kids visited her home, and they were so excited! On top of the excitement of just going for a visit, Ms. Christy was having a yard sale--talk about double excitement! After "shopping," the kids asked for a tour of her house.
Our boy was fascinated with everything. Here are some of his highlights: a light switch on the wall with 4 switches, a basement with lots of light switches and other cool stuff for a boy to investigate, a 4-bay garage, an out building, an aged-swing set, an apple tree with apples to test out a boy's throwing arm, and a Duck-Duck-Goose game that has a goose that talks/makes all kinds of noises.
Our girl also enjoyed the visit. She was most excited about her very own bottle of Gatorade that Ms. Christy offered her. Our girl drank the whole thing (all 20 blue ounces) while we were on our tour. She also loved the shopping-she found several movies. Ms. Christy also gave her a pair of long, white Cinderella gloves and a fun mini-notepad.

Check out some photos from our day:

Duncan hasn't put down the goose yet! Look at the grip he has on it!

Here's our girl writing a note in her mini-notepad.

After all the excitement, we got home. So...what's a girl to do, but put on some lip gloss. How many glosses does a girl need? I'm not sure, but our girl put on some of each of these. Be sure to notice the one on the far right. It says..."Moose Poop: It doesn't heal chapped lips, but it sure keeps you from licking them!" Thanks Nana and Papa for bringing that home all the way from Alaska!

Being with children helps you remember to take time for the simple pleasures: friends, light switches, spider webs, and lip gloss!

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