Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jesus or Troy?

Our girl has been wearing a necklace that she got when she was Christened. It is a dainty gold cross on a delicate gold chain. She mostly wears it to church. However, this morning she wanted me to paint her fingernails...and when I said we didn't have time because we were on the way out the door...she said..."Well then...let me wear my necklace." So tonight in the bathtub, I was taking her necklace off. She asked to look at it, and then said "T for the necklace Troy gave Gabriella (in High School Musical)." I responded saying, "No, a cross for Jesus." Then she asked..."Where's his picture?" Let me just say that she knows all about Jesus (remember...I said she usually wears the necklace to church!!), but a 'T for Troy necklace' was fresh on her mind because we saw one today at Wal-Mart!

Our boy spent the morning with his Daddy building houses for Extreme Home Build at his school. They were framing 6 homes through Habitat for Humanity that will be given to families in the community. Well, the parents did most of the building. Our boy and some of the other kids sat in a Suburban watching movies (good thing the weather was cool so the kids could sit contained in a car). Tonight during stories, he was so tired that he passed out before we were done with the first book!

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