Monday, August 18, 2008

"A Flllllllat Blllllllack tire"

That's exactly how our boy's speech teacher taught him to say it..."A Fllllllllllllllat Blllllllllllllack tire." He was working on his 'l-blends' last year when my mom had 2 flat tires while he was in the car with her. Well, we had one today-our boy and me. wasn't completely flat--about 1/2 way flat. On the way to school this morning, there was a car behind us honking their horn like crazy and pointing to the back of our car. I immediately thought..."What did Hubby leave on the bumper now?" He's always putting something back there that I end up driving all around town. But today when I got out to check the bumper, it wasn't the bumper at all--it was a flllllllllllat bllllllllllllack tire! The car drove we drove on slowly to school. Thankfully Hubby was able to come around lunch time to change it. Then after work--it was off to Sam's to get it repaired. Two hours later--we were back on the road--don't worry...we worked in dinner while we waited!

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