Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Day of Preschool

Our girl had a great first day of school. Her Daddy went in late to work so that he could drive her to school on her first day. He was singing on the way there. Our girl told him that he could sing in the car, but he could NOT sing inside her school because somebody might hear him! I guess it starts earlier that I remembered-getting embarrassed by your parents.
I thought I was being so prepared. I ironed all the kids' clothes for the week on Sunday (and even planned out my own clothes for the week too). So this afternoon when I picked up our girl from her first day, I noticed that her capris barely fit (the ones that I instructed her Daddy to put on her for her first day) . What??? When I asked the Daddy, he responded saying, "She wanted to wear them." Thankfully she had on a long top today!

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