Friday, August 8, 2008

End of a Long Week

Well, we all made it! We made it through the first week of school (for our boy and me anyways). So, after the end of a long was time for...what else??? Open House at 6:30pm at our girl's preschool. She is soooooooooooooooooo excited about starting school. We had to muster up some energy and excitement for her. You can see our boy mustering up that energy below at dinner at Chick-fil-A prior to Open House (his Daddy had to carry him in from the car).

Our girl said on the way from dinner to the school, "You can just leave me in my class. You don't have to come in with me..I'm a big girl." Here she is helping her brother build train tracks in her classroom. She was trying to act shy asking for someone to go with her to play once we were in her room.

Here's the big girl-ready for school!
A funny story: Our girl is a talker-especially when she is tired. This morning she woke up about 5:15 (that's 5:15 AM!!!), and didn't go back to sleep nor take a nap today. So, needless to say, tonight she was REALLY talking! We were getting ready to leave for Open House, and she said, "Has my name always been _______ or was it Hot Dog _______?" She was very serious!!!! I busted out laughing (which she didn't like), and called her Daddy to relay the question. Then we were both laughing. I finally pulled it together for a response..."Your name has always been just ____-no hot dog!"

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amiejazz said...

Funny funny story about Elizabeth and her name!!!! I enjoyed that!