Sunday, August 17, 2008

You just never know!

I'm telling just never know what our girl will say next. Here are some examples from this past week:
1. Hubby is off on Thursdays; therefore, he drives our girl to and from school that day. On the way to school, Hubby was singing in the car. Our girl said, " can sing in the car, but you CANNOT sing inside my school-somebody might hear you!"
2. When Hubby picked her up on Thursday wearing a Vandy t-shirt, our girl said, " can't wear your lawn-mowing shirt to my school--and why do you have whiskers on your face?"
3. Friday morning she told my mom that she would not be able to play with her and EJ (my dad) on Sunday because she was going to a birthday party. Then after mom told her she was such a big girl and our girl responded saying, "I know it and soon I'll have my driver's license."

Here's a picture of "Sassy" and her brother today after church. We celebrated DoDo's, my mother's, birthday last night. She had a princess cake, and our girl picked out all the cupcakes she wanted to eat prior to the party.
Here's our boy helping blow out the candles--that's his favorite job!

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