Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Today is Hubby's birthday! We celebrated with a variety of activities. First, Hubby spent the afternoon with our girl getting an x-ray at Children's Healthcare. This morning Hubby said she was complaining of her leg more frequently. Thankfully, the x-rays did not show anything now we have more "peace of mind." We just give her Motrin, and pray it goes away as mysteriously as it started.

Tonight for dinner we ate out (again)! :) We went to a restaurant close to our house where they give you $15 toward your birthday meal! How could we pass that up? The kids were past tired, but they did pretty well under the circumstances. Then we came home and had birthday pie (with candles and everything)--Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in an Oreo crust! I brought home the ice cream and pie shell last night to make it for Brian, but he was so excited about it-that he started the project himself! Our girl picked the glasses and plates for the party--see photos below!

Meanwhile, our boy and gril came up with a good use for a battery-powered motorcycle, a pink horse trailer, and lots of Star Wars and GI Joe Action Figures. Check out the video:

Go, Princess Leia, Go!

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