Wednesday, August 20, 2008

O for 3...

That's right--we're O for 3 for eating dinner at home this week! Monday was dinner at Truett's (with the tire episode); Tuesday my mom and our girl cooked--so we ate at her house; and tonight it was WAFFLE HOUSE! :)

Let me explain--our girl has been limping (favoring her right leg) this week. On Friday at school, she fell on the playground. So....we've been watching it. Well, today when I picked her up at school, she was running all stiff legged and it seemed worse to me. Therefore, after asking for some opinions--I decided to take her to the pediatrician. He said that she didn't flinch when he pressed on it (or whatever terms her used) he feels it's a sprain or might not have anything to do with the fall at school--could be her hip-what?? He said he didn't feel x-rays would show him anything, and suggested ibuprofen every 6 hours looking for improvement by the end of the weekend. Then he said to call if she gets worse or starts running a fever. I think I should have paid myself the $20 co-pay!

Well, back to the dinner part--we were at the doctor's office for ~2 1/2 hours because there was only one doctor on duty this afternoon. Imagine this--2 tired kids and 1 tired K teacher in the doctor's office for 2 1/2 hours!!! That explains the WAFFLE HOUSE on the way home tonight! Hubby did make it there for the last hour of the visit to experience the fun.

Tomorrow is Hubby's birthday--so I'm not promising we'll eat at home tomorrow either! Tomorrow (or maybe I should say next week) is another day!

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