Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great-Granddaughter of a Baker

Here's what every girl dreams of...a Barbie cake--the one with the doll in it with the iced-cake dress!! Here's how the dream came into being at our house--I took Eour girl shopping for birthday cakes for her 4th birthday. I told her she could pick something for her school snack and something for her birthday party on Saturday. So...she choose a Princess pull-a-part cupcake cake (with a light up princess) and a Barbie doll cake. I was thinking ok...sounds good...then I got the price list---put on the brakes!!!!! The pull-a-part cake is $32 and the doll cake is $42 (plus tax of course) and only serves about 10. Ummm...I'm really all for having a fun birthday, but there's NO WAY I'm spending $74 on cakes!!!!! So here's the solution--buy regular cupcakes with fun rings and sprinkles for her school party ($6.99 for 12 cupcakes), buy the pull-a-part Light-Up Cake ($32 for 24 cupcakes) for the party on Saturday, and buy icing to make a doll cake at home (~$10 for food coloring and icing).
Our had the best time making her own cake (her great-grandfather was a baker you's in her genes)! It was much more fun than buying one at the store too! Check out the photos:
The Inspiration Cake from Publix: The doll is in the cake--ready to start icing!Her skirt is for some detailing:Look at the look of concentration--she said she's making "bouquets."Here's the finished product with the proud Birthday Girl!!! It's hard to believe she's going to be 4 years old on Saturday!

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