Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our baby is NOT a baby anymore!!

Somehow I blinked and my baby is now four years old!!!!! We've been telling her all day about the day she was born. Here are a couple of thoughts from a four year old...
1. She's concerned that she was born at the hospital--I assured her that all babies are born in a hospital.

2. She insisted that she wouldn't be 4 until her birthday party started (despite the fact that her party was at 12:30pm and she was born around 8am).
Here are some pictures from her party:
Look at the gumballs--she's pointing to a pink one for her and a blue one for her brother
The look of excitement--anxiously awaiting lots of toppings to come her way on a lazy-susan in the middle of the table.
Cupcakes too--you can see Belle in this photo from her pull-a-part cupcake cake mentioned in the last post.

Check out this sugar straw. You should have seen the looks on the kids' faces when they got a mouthful of the sour sugar--oh wow!

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