Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fresh Fall "Hay" (that's what the kids call pine straw)!! we went to buy some pine straw or "hay" as the kids call it. The bushes on the side of our house all died. :( We never really loved them because of their coloring, but...they were better than no bushes., Hubby (with help from our boy) ripped out all the bushes and put down fresh straw. Our girl cried because I wouldn't let her go "help" by swinging on the swing set...she's been sick this past week and is still coughing. Check out the photos of the "helpers."
Looks like helping to me...
Here's our girl holding her marshmallows wanting to go "help." She was ok when I told her she could help me put out Halloween decorations inside the here's the funniest story of the day: Hubby was edging the driveway and walkway after laying the straw. He was wearing his headphones to block the noise of the edger. So...our boy ran to the car and came back with his headphones to wear while he was working!!!! (Notice...the cord is just dangling--not plugged into anything!!) So cute--wants to be like Daddy!!!!
We also bought pink paint for our girl's room today. She's been wanting it painted, and we told her she could get it painted for her birthday! Hubby put a sample of the pink paint on the wall, and when she went to look at it...she said, "why didn't he paint the rest of my room?" It's not your birthday yet, girl...give Daddy some time!

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