Friday, December 19, 2008

Out of Order

So here's the timeline...
About 2 weeks ago, I spent the night in the hospital with chest pains. I'd been having them for a couple of weeks, but then the pain spread down my left arm and in my back--that's when I decided to go to the ER (with coaxing from my sister-who happens to be in the medical field). So...they keep me overnight for observation and I have a stress test in the morning.
Side Note: Have you ever had a stress test--the one on the treadmill with the "dye?" You start walking...then they increase the intensity and the incline over time...then while you're still on the treadmill...they come to inject the 2nd dose of "dye"...while you're still on the treadmill...did I mention that already--then they increase the intensity and incline to a run/jog--all the while telling you--"keep looking ahead down the road" (there's a framed print of a tree-lined road hanging on the wall). here's the funny part...while all that's going on...I'm thinking "I can't do anymore." then I say, "I don't think I can go any the guy holds on to my belt loop on the back of my jeans--a sight to see I'm sure!! I wish I had a video of it just for when I need a good laugh! forward to tonight...I was in the floor showing our 5-year old son the proper way to do a push-up (that's a whole 'nother story). So...he starts doing them semi-correctly and then stops saying, "I can't do it anymore...this arm is out-of-order."
Eureka--it's my medical diagnosis: The tests/labs cleared my heart from any I think my son diagnosed me...I simply needed a break...I was temporarily out-of-order!
Another Side Note: I haven't had any chest pain the past week or more! :)

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Julie Cain said...

So far...I'm feeling better too! I think we ALL required a bit much out of ourselves! I'm glad you are feeling better. Way to go, Duncan! Maybe a doctor in the family is in the future!!! Merry Christmas!