Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post-Christmas "Gotta Haves"

Did you go shopping the day after Christmas? We made it to a few stores. Here are some of my "gotta-haves" that I found post-Christmas (or some maybe were really pre-Christmas):

1. Celeste Suede Crocs...found them at Marshall's for $24ish. LOVE them---soooooo comfy. I think I've worn them just about every day since I bought them! I love them so much that I bought them in black and brown.

2. Tanks at Target to wear under other shirts--the ones I bought are Merona brand. I have tanks from Ann Taylor, GAP, etc...but the reason I LOVE these from Target is...they are long...they come down lower and kinda hang out under your other shirt to add some color. LOVE to wear them with a v-neck t-shirt! My favorite color combo is a chocolate tank with a red t-shirt on top! They weren't on sale, but I think they were $7.99.3. Christmas ribbon is 75% off at Garden Ridge. I never go to Garden's not really convenient for me, but we popped in...and found ribbon for 75% off---got cute ribbon for wrapping next year. Also got some great Grinch ornaments for our Grinch Tree for 50% off!

What have you found this post-Christmas season?

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