Friday, December 26, 2008

Things We Want to Remember

Do you have a Christmas Memories Book? We got ours the year we were married, and I pull it our every year to record special memories. My favorite part of the book is the section titled...Things we want to remember. It's fun to look back at how our lives have evolved from being newlyweds, to getting a dog, to buying our first home, to having one child and then two children. I love this book!!! I think everyone should have one, but just don't forget where you put it for the next year (Amie)!So here it is for this year...Things we want to remember:
1. My mom made all of the food for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. She mentioned that she needed a I bought ingredients to make an ice-cream pie and also one of our families favorite--baklava. I bought a whole tray of pre-made would have made it herself probably, but I'm all about store bought! So...I made the pie and took it with the baklava to my parents house around lunch time. I also took our dachshund for them to babysit while we were going to my in-laws. Can you see where this is going??? I left the tray of baklava on the table in the kitchen. After we got the car packed and everyone loaded, we realized that we forgot to take the dog's food to my parents' house. So...we stopped by (my parents weren't home) husband ran inside to drop off the dog food, and he was taking forever to come back out. When he finally emerges, he guessed it...that our dachshund knocked the tray of baklava off the table and devoured all (or almost all) of it!!! Imagine it...a dachshund full of honey and nuts-UGH!!!

#2 My husband and I don't usually swap Christmas gifts. Over the years...we've decided to buy something for our home around the holidays. So this year...he kept saying...I've got a great idea for you (really for both of us) for you want to know what it is? He must have asked me 20 times if I wanted to know what it was! So...I wasn't going to get him a gift b/c he said his idea was for both of us, but on Christmas Eve-Eve...I got to thinking that he would be sad if I had a gift to open and he didn' I went shopping. He's been saying that he wishes we had an electric I thought...I'll pick up an electric blanket. Well...I went everywhere I could hit to find one-I went to 5 stores. I found one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $179--what??? I don't think so! As a last resort, I finally went to Super Wal-Mart (I had to get some groceries anyway--for the pie and the tray of baklava--remember??) Hooray...they had ONE electric blanket left in the size that I needed. After shopping, I get home and think...I better put my jacket over it b/c he'll come out and see it in the car. I park in the garage...get out...start unloading...hubby comes out and starts unloading too...we get inside and he announces he's taking the dog out...the fat one who ate all the nuts/ I peak out in the garage and see him gingerly lying my jacket back over his electric blanket...UGH!!!!!! And there you have Christmas Memory #2!

Do you have any fun, memorable events from this Christmas season?

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