Sunday, August 23, 2009


This weekend was our school's first home football game. It was also Hubby's birthday. Happy Birthday to him! the game...they said anyone with a number on their seat cushion should come to the field to try to win free Chick-fil-a for a year. Hubby had a number on his cushion (on his birthday) on the field he went! The "game" was to find the cow on the football field while blind-folded. The cow had an air horn to help find him. Well...Hubby ALMOST won...see how close he was??
Here's a pic of the kids cheering him on...see our son...the pressure was getting to him!

Here's a glimpse of how old Hubby really is now...he was trying on cover-alls this weekend! Well...thankfully they just reminded him of his maternal grandfather...and was having a little fun giving them a try. You should have seen us trying to get a photo to document his antics--everywhere we turned there were people shopping--getting in the way of a great coverall pic. Now our son really wants a pair of them...why? we asked...he said he needs them to paint. Interesting.
Check out our evening tonight...Our girl is always wanting to paint her feet and hands. So here she is post-painting tonight:
We painted hands and feet...she was so happy:
Our boy got in on the action's his project:

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