Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things that made me smile this weekend

I found these "FAMILY" blocks at TJ Maxx. They make me smile with them on our mantel. I think I'll make them photo blocks adding family pictures on the sides in my "free time."
Hubby painted our door black coming into the house from the garage. I got this idea on a few blogs, and I like the result-smile!
Our daughter and her friend had the best time dancing at the football game. I missed the cheerleaders half-time show because I was too busy smiling while I watched these girls:
We stumbled upon a festival-type event in town. The kids had a great time! Check out the ice cream shop in the background--there are even sprinkles on the roof-smile!

The kids got to try out spin-art at the event--fun!

Now...this car tag made our son smile the biggest, but come on--who doesn't want to smile when they see this tag? By the way--Georgia really does have a Butts County!

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