Sunday, September 6, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

Today we took the kids to a baseball game. We received tickets to a game earlier in the season, but that game got rained out. Today our seats were in a great spot-in the shade, behind 3rd base. We also had a great parking pass-nice!

During the game, our daughter wanted to know..."Why is the guy behind the batter so goofy?" I asked her what she meant, and she replied saying, "Why is he wearing all that goofy stuff?" So...we had a lesson on what the catcher does during the game.
The kids loved all the music, doing the "wave," tomahawk chopping with the cow, and checking out all the food vendors. We ate lunch before the game and we brought water in the game with us, but you better believe the kids still wanted every food that came by us: popcorn, frozen lemonade, Coke, snow-cone, etc. We didn't buy anything since we'd just eaten, but that didn't stop the kids from asking...and asking...and asking! We even tried an economics lesson telling the kids that for the price of one $4.75 20 oz. Coke...we could buy almost 5 20 oz. Cokes. Our son agreed that 5 for that price was a better deal, but our girl couldn't be talked into the logic...she just wanted the Coke.

Today was also "Bark in the Park." There were lots of dogs there. We went to the Coca-Cola Sky Field, and they had lots of baby pools of water for the dogs. The dogs liked the misting machines too! Each time we saw a dog...the kids would say it was a dog from the movie Hotel for Dogs: bulldog, pug, boxer, lab, etc. We also saw a dachshund with a cart on wheels for it's back legs-sad.

It was a great day for the game!

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