Friday, September 25, 2009

That Beats the Dutch

This morning when our girl got up and ready for came time to go with her Daddy to get her biscuit. Well...she told her Daddy that she wasn't going to ride with him to get a biscuit...she was riding with Mama. After all that eeny, meeny last night...she pitched a fit this morning about NOT going with her Daddy...well..."That Beats the Dutch!" (my grandmother always says know...I never really thought...where did that saying come from? until I wrote this I googled it...searching for "that beats the dutch." Check it out:
Latin and Greek Elements in English
Lesson 10: Words from Expressions
•examples of terms drawn from the general suspicion and contempt with which the Dutch were held in early America
•that beats the Dutch: "it is highly unusual and surprising"

Who knew the Dutch were looked down on in early America? All I know is our girl sure beat the Dutch this morning!

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