Sunday, November 6, 2011

Road Trip

On Saturday, we took a road trip to support Coach Gritti and the Rhodes Lynx against the Birmingham Southern Panthers in Birmingham. We arrived in Birmingham just in time for lunch. What did we find to eat? was the dining hall at Birmingham Southern. Hubby loved it!! He thought he was back at UGA with the meal plan!

He was talking it up to the kids making this guy ready for college!
After lunch, it was time to head to the game. Here's our girl cheering on the team.
Our boy and Hubby were on the sidelines during the game getting an ear full of language from what I understand. Things like the "s word"..."stupid."

Our boy was excited because he got to run on the field to retrieve the tee!
Our girl was excited because she wore her new red sweater dress!
My whole family went to game. Here's a pic of the group:.
The kids with DoDo & EJ (my parents):
The kids with their E (my sister):
Our family:
A girl and her daddy:
Our boy said that there were two great things about the whole day: one was good and one was gross. The good was that he got his picture made with Coach Gritti, and the gross was that there was a dead rat on the track. Well...there you have it!

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L Rukes said...

Great pics! As a BSC alum, its too bad you're rooting for the WRONG Team!! Ha!! Hope y'all are doing well!