Monday, November 14, 2011

Tragedy Averted

Last month, Our Girl turned 7!! Wow...hard to believe, but true nonetheless. So, she's been asking for an American Girl doll. She hasn't really ever been that interested in I wasn't sure about spending $100 on a doll for her. Well...her grandmother and aunt gave her birthday money to finally buy one.

Our Girl decided on the "My American Girl" doll with brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles to look like her. We even took her to the American Girl Bistro for lunch. She picked out two outfits from her Daddy and me. Then she spent her allowance to get the doll's ears pierced and to get the doll's hair "done."

Our Girl LOVES her girl! As soon as she gets up in the morning, she gets her doll up. When she goes to bed, the doll goes to bed. She takes her school, to go out to eat, everywhere. Well, last Sunday...Our Girl took her doll to church with my encouragement.

During the sermon, Our Girl came to me with HUGE crocodile tears streaming down her face & with a doll with blue ink all over her face. I'm still not exactly sure what happened. I looked online & found a site that said to rub the marks with cooking oil. As soon as we got home, I gave it a try...and...well...she's good as new! See for yourself:

Sooooo thankful that a tragedy was averted!

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