Sunday, November 6, 2011


Whenever I go thrifting, I can always count on a complaint from one of the kids. They just don't appreciate a good trip to Goodwill like I do! Today the girls went shopping for our Operation Christmas Child boxes for school at the dollar store, and guess what? There just happens to be a new Goodwill right next door! How can you pass it by? It's can't! Today I found 2 treasures:

Treasure #1

At school we perform our annual Kindergarten Christmas play. We are starting to practice for the big event next week. So...I found this bracelet for $1.87. How perfect is it? My students will love it!

Treasure #2

There is a restaurant in town that has great food, and it also has a fun gift shop area. In the store, they have an Eiffel Tower for $100. Well, treasure #2 from today is similar Eiffel Tower that we got for $4.74. How can you pass that up...$4.74?!?!?!

Treasures for Others:

Today we also bought our supplies for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. The kids liked packing their boxes, and they both wrote a note to include inside. Our boy's note says: "Dear Friend, I hope you like all of the things in the box." Our girl's note says: "You are on my heart." We did something new this year too...the kids decorated plastic shoe boxes with stickers.

Did you find any treasures this weekend?

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