Sunday, December 18, 2011

You Can't Make This Stuff Up-Part 1

This weekend my sister, "E," graduated with her doctorate degree from The University of Alabama. We (my parents, Hubby, Our Boy, Our Girl, and I) traveled to Tuscaloosa to be with her for this special day. So...all of that is very believable...this was my sister's 4th college degree (1 bachelors degree, 2 masters degrees, and now her doctorate)...she likes to learn and has always done well in school.  Our family is close and supportive...again...not a surprise that we would all want to be with her on her special day. That's about where the normal, believable part of this weekend stops; the rest of it seems like fiction...but it is all true.

Here's Part 1 of our "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" weekend:

When Hubby, the kids, and I got into town, we called E & my parents to let them know that we were close. They said that they were on the way back to the hotel and they had air freshener for our room. I told them they were kidding, and they laughed and assured me that they were not kidding. They said they'd gotten us the best room after looking at 4 rooms prior to picking this one for us. E booked our hotel rooms using an online service where you can't get out of it once you get there and see how the rooms really look (or how they really smell).  

So, we got there & it was as bad as they can't make this stuff up! But, we told ourselves that we wouldn't be there long and we could make it. It was time to go to dinner. E picked the restaurant. Her first nursing job was in Tuscaloosa, and she lived there for about 2 years. The restaurant she picked was a diner with good Southern food that we had been to before. The waitress is where this story gets better (or worse).

Our waitress was petite. She had brown hair with bangs. Let's just say that she had the look of someone who had experience with life, and let's just say that she shared all of her worldly knowledge with us (including our 8 year old son and 7 year old daughter). Check back for Part 2 in my next post to find out more about her stories of stuff that you can't make up!

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