Monday, December 19, 2011

You Can't Make This Stuff Up-Part 2

See this Grand Buffet Grill & Gift Shop? We tried to tell Hubby that the online booking of our hotel was a package deal where it included dinner here.

See how now I'm in on the action with my sister & my parents? I think it's a coping strategy for the pure awfulness of the situation.

Hubby didn't go for it.

So...back to the story...there we are at the diner restaurant with the waitress that I told you about in Part 1 of this story. Here's her story (you can't make this stuff up):

I'm from Alabama, but I moved to Georgia to follow my parents. Lived in GA for thirteen years. Worst mistake I ever made was buying a trailer next to Atlanta Motor Speedway. My son...he served some time in prison in GA. You know burglary is a bad word. He don't have a mean bone in his body. He does have over 100 tattoos all over his body.

My parents moved back home to Alabama, and I did too. Now I have my son back in Alabama with me. Got his parole transferred to Alabama. Now he works in a tattoo place close to here. He did all his own tattoo's on homemade equipment, and the guy who hired him told him to "just think of what he'll be able to do with professional equipment."

Then my Dad tells the waitress..."You know we only have one race in Atlanta now. They took one away from Atlanta Motor Speedway."

Her response: "That sucks. That brought in a lot of revenue."

She went on: You know I followed my parents back home, and then they left again and moved to Florida. Said they had better doctors there.

Bless her can't make this stuff up.

Think this day is over? Well, the answer in no. Check back for Part 3 in the next post.

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