Monday, July 28, 2008


Why am I so tired? I guess I used more energy on my first day back than I anticipated! Can't imagine how I'll feel this time next week when the students' have their 1st day back. To look at my classroom, you wouldn't think I'd been there all day! The first day of preplanning is usually full of meetings, and we had our share today. However, we did have the entire afternoon to work in our classrooms. Most of my work was on the computer preparing letters and other documents for Open House. Here's a photo of Christy, who I work with, in our room. Just look around--not much happening yet! Isn't Open House Thursday?????

Our boy and girl spent the day with their grandparents at the pool today. My mom said they were running and jumping in with their fish floats over and over! I can tell it was a full day because when our girl's head hit the pillow...she was OUT! Our boy was just as tired, but wasn't out as quite as quick as his sister.
Speaking of our girl, she is ready for school! She has been asking me everyday..."Do we go to school today?" On Sunday, she said..."Do we got to school today after church?" I'm glad we signed her up for preschool 5 days a week. She doesn't start for 2 more weeks.
Hubby just came in from outside. He usually tries to get in some exercise after the kids get to bed, but lightening and a metal bike don't mix! Oh my!

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