Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thoughts for the Day

The thoughts for the day are:

1. How thankful are you for your family and friends? -Each year at this time (all the time), I think about how lucky we (Hubby, the kids, and I) are to have such great help from our family and friends. I could not be the mother and teacher that I am without such great support!

On a less serious note...

2. Have you ever had a broken toe? -I don't know that mine is broken, but imagine walking all over a school building with a toe (crammed in a shoe) that was illogically crashed into a door frame. I don't have to imagine it because I've been living it this week! Ouch.

3. Have you ever tried to put tabs in a Bible? -My son's K class requires a NIV Bible with tabs for the Books of the Bible. Tabbing a Bible is not as easy as you may think. First, you have to read the tab directions. Next, measure the size of the pages. Then cut your tab guide to fit. Finally, add one tab to each Book of the Bible. I've been working on this task since Sunday, and I just finished tonight. Yes...that's a photo above of the hard work!

4. Have you thought lately that you are getting old? -Today in my classroom there were some boys that came around to ask if any teachers needed help (lowering tables, etc). So...they were in my room helping when I asked them what grade they were in. Two of them were sophomores and one was a freshman in high school. Man!!! I was sure they were going to say maybe 7th grade!!! Same thing happened to Hubby last weekend. He was helping at our daughter's preschool laying sod on the new playground. There was a kid there helping who Hubby thought was in middle school. Nope--junior in high school. Wow-in some ways it seems like we were just high school students and now...we can't even recognize one!!!
5. Have you ever thought--no one is reading my Blog but me?? -I was thinking just that until tonight when my sister called and said..."I just saw it!" to which I replied..."Just saw what?" Then she said..."Just saw an adult pacifier sign at a QT!" Blogs are great...let me know if you're reading too!

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DoDo said...

I am reading your blog! I have not seen the adult pacifier sign at Quick Trip. There is not one on our route to Griffin to swim. But, as EGB always says as soon as we turn onto Hwy 81, "When are we going to be at the pool." That's the standard question all the way give her a time frame but she still asks anyway. I guess it's because she is "nervous". I have to get something for her "nervous" condition.