Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's try this again...'s the new blog...Three Sweet Teas and Me-that sums up our family in a Southern-kind-of-way. My sister says that the new Blog name sounds like we need some banjos playing in the background, but I like it! Hubby and both of our kids like to drink sweet tea, but I'm an unsweet tea-kind-of-girl---so, there you go!

Today was my official last day of summer. It's back to school for me on Monday. Wow-that was quick! To celebrate, the kids and I met Hubby for lunch. On the way home, I saw a sign for a yard sale. I thought "that might be fun." So, the kids and I checked it out. Well, all we saw was a lot of junk that needed to go to the dump, but the lady said "We also have free kittens" before we left. Did someone say "free kittens" in front of my 5 year old and 3 year old???? Oh my! I graciously declined, but I haven't heard about anything else from my son for the rest of the day/night except for about getting a kitten. So finally tonight after much coaxing, my son agreed that he would settle for a Webkinz kitten until he was old enough to get his own cat. Whew!

I went tonight to buy fabric for a new sewing project-a cover for my son's nap mat for Kindergarten. Yes...Kindergarten...we're going to have a Kindergartener...I'm doing better about this upcoming milestone than Hubby! In the past week, I've sewn 2 pairs of pants for my daughter, curtains for my classroom, and now I'm on the the rest mat cover. I brought home the fabric telling my son I was finally sewing something for him. He was so excited, and asked me to sew pants for him like I did for his sister. Ummm...that's a big NO! I don't think kids would be too nice to him if they saw him wearing pants made of the fabric I bought.

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